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The new FCS Freedom Leash is a lighter, stronger and tangle free leash that is set to become the new standard. This revolutionary piece of surfing equipment has been created with an over braided cord that focuses on strength and minimalisation. The pull tab on your cuff is precision engineered, surrounded by 3mm neoprene and has a low profile velcro. It comes with stainless steel swivels for uninterrupted motion.

FCS have reimagined a product that has virtually remained unchanged for 2 decades. The surfer benefits with a product that reduces tangling and drag, and ultimately gives the wearer more freedom to perform at his or her best.


FCS Freedom 6ft Surf Leash

    • FCS Freedom 6ft Surfboard Leash
    • Cord: High tensile over-braided nylon cord. FCS don't actually specify the diameter, but they do say that size by size (or thickness by thickness) it's 120% stronger than a standard cord.
    • Cuff: Precision engineered, silicon grip print, 3mm Neoprene padding and low profile velcro
    • Railsaver: Streamlined, less drag, thinner and lighter
    • Horn: Foam filled, light and shock absorbing
    • Pull tab: Ergonomic, quick release.
    • Swivels: Stainless steel
    • Wave size: 2 - 6ft
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