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Designed with the more advanced surfer in mind or the intermediate surfer ready to move on to the progressive side of surfing, The Blackboards Joker is all about maximising every last bit of fun out of the session. The playful mini bat tail, the more performance orientated foil and outline will allow the surfer to launch into any manoeuvre going. The lightweight, vibrant uni carbon bamboo laminate helps add a ‘have a go’ element and the versatility of the 5 fin set up means this board can perform in pretty much all wave conditions.

BLACKBOARDS Joker Shortboard from

    • Lightweight & Durable 'Plant Based Technology'
    • Uni Carbon Bamboo Epoxy Laminate provides an unrivalled vibrant feel
    • More performance based rocker and outline for more progressive manoeuvres
    • Mini Bat Tail and 5 fin set up allowing the board to be tweaked for all surf conditions
    • Typical shortboard volume distribution suited for tighter 'in the pocket' turns
    • 'FCS Fusion 5-fin set up
    • Fins included in price
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