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The Blackboards Glider, like the name suggests provides a very smooth ride, gliding over the slower sections of the wave with no surprises. The outline sports a bit more curve than its brother, the Burner, ideal for the improver surfer looking to start to move the board about.The rail shape is still full and forgiving and the bamboo 'Plant Based Technology' gives that little extra zip and flow. Ideal in all wave conditions up to around 6ft.

BLACKBOARDS Glider Mini Mal Surfboard from

    • Lightweight & Durable 'Plant Based Technology'
    • A slight added curve to the Mini Mal outline allows for smooth even turns
    • The Bamboo Epoxy Laminate further adds to the glide of the board with an extra bit of 'zip' thrown in
    • Full forgiving rails allow the board to keep flowing on the wave
    • FCS Fusion system
    • Fins included in price
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