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The Blackboards Flyer is the ideal board for intermediate surfers looking to improve. With heaps of volume through the whole profile and a classic even outline pulled in to swallow tail, this board is a wave catching machine and will fly over any flat spots. Combine this with the uni carbon bamboo laminate and you have a board with an amazingly vibrant throwabout feel, perfect for surfers ready to move on and master the more progressive manoeuvres in surfing.

BLACKBOARDS Flyer Shortboard from

    • Lightweight & Durable 'Plant Based Technology'
    • Uni Carbon Bamboo Epoxy Laminate provides an unrivalled vibrant feel
    • Full outline allows early entry into the wave
    • Even rocker allows the board to 'fly' over the flat spots
    • 'Hidden' volume aids smooth turns and prevents snagging during the ride
    • FCS Fusion thruster fin set up
    • Fins included in price
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