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The Blackboards Boxer is the ultimate allround board. Whether you are just moving down in board size or a seasoned surfer looking to get the most out of every session, this board does it all. A total wave catching machine due to the wider plan shape, but with just the right amount of progressive rocker to allow the board to be tightened up in the turns when required.  The uni carbon bamboo laminate simply accentuates these features even further. The 5- fin set up, again adds to the versatility and this board will truly take on any type of wave condition thrown at it.

BLACKBOARDS Boxer Hybrid Surfboard from

    • Lightweight & Durable 'Plant Based Technology'
    • Uni Carbon Bamboo Epoxy Laminate provides an unrivalled vibrant feel
    • Full outline allows early planing and easy entry into the wave
    • Perfect progressive rocker to allow tighter turns when required
    • Volume distribution biased towards tail to help maintain speed
    • FCS Fusion 5 fin set up
    • Fins included in price
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